31 Mar 2013

Files, formats & new features!

I am pleased to report that Etsy has added great new features. 

Previously, anyone buying a pattern from my Etsy store had to wait until I received the notification e-mail and then sent them a file with the knitting pattern - and we all know how frustrating it can be to not be able to get going as soon as inspiration strikes on a knitting project! 

But no more - now all the files are available for instant download. Not only that, but I can add up to 5 files with every pattern. This is great for me as I like to supply all my patterns in a choice of formats. 

The first is a "US format" designed for letter-sized paper, and with US spellings and units (seen on the right in the photo above). 

The second is a "UK version" formatted for A4 stationery and with metric measurements and UK-English spellings (pictured on the left above). And of course this version works in other parts of the world that use A4 paper too. 

Both files are shown on the download link and then you can choose which one suits you best. (Or you can have both of course!) 

Thank you to Etsy for adding these great new features! 

Happy knitting!


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