23 May 2013

New BYOB 2.0 Pattern

We are all too aware of the need to "reduce, re-use and recycle", especially when it comes to plastic bags, yet millions of them are still used every year. 

However, we knitters have solutions! Using the skills of our hands we can make bags that are not only functional but decorative and long-lasting too.

This free "BYOB 2.0" pattern updates the original "Bring Your Own Bag" published in Knitty in Summer 2008. The pattern now includes instructions for a small and regular sized bag, plus a new Junior size – after all you can never be too young to start saving the planet!

In addition, the pattern has been re-written for new all-cotton yarns, so that these bags are now made from 100% natural fibres – much the best choice for an eco-bag.

The bags have a wide shaped base that is easy to load at the check-out, and the lower Seed Stitch section ensures that small items will not drop out. The central area features an openwork design which is strong but also flexible enough to accommodate bulky, akwardly shaped items. An upper handle worked in Seed Stitch with a separately worked hand-grip is soft to hold and has extra reinforcing stitches at the edges for strength.

The regular size is approximately the same as a standard supermarket shopping bag, while the small size is useful as an everyday bag. The Junior BYOB 2.0 is suitable for a young person / teen, or could be used for bread or fragile items needing to be carried separately, such as mushrooms, bananas or boxes of eggs.

The pattern can be downloaded from Craftsy or Ravelry, and there is further information on not only these bags but also the linen-lined bags in the Southampton Collection on my website, www.wyndlestrawdesigns.com .

Now all you have to do is remember to take them with you! Put a couple of these BYOB 2.0 bags in a linen carrier by the back door or in the car and then you will be sure you always have them to hand when you head to the shops.

Then you can say with pride: "No Plastic Bags for Me!"

Happy Knitting!



  1. Oh I just love these colours Moira and the whole series of post - beautiful, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  2. Thanks, Alice! Glad you enjoyed the new bags,




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